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May 2019: Alumni Directory 1905-2019 Published!

It has been ten years since the last version of this informative book was published and made available to Alumni of RUHS. The Alumni Directory 1905-2019, published May 2019, is 595 pages covering the biographical, class and geographical information gathered in a research phase conducted during 2018. If you didn’t order one, unfortunately this printing is sold out. At this time, there are a very limited number of promotional copies available. Contact the Alumni Board aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

by email or letter for information on how to obtain one. But be aware the Association is not normally involved in shipping and cannot a service outside the South Bay area. Failing that, it gives you a reason to visit the RUHS Archives to see a copy. The RUHS Archives is open Mondays from 1 to 3 PM or the 1st Monday of each month from 3 to 6 PM. It is located in the Alumni House on the RUHS campus near the shops and science buildings.

It Is A Great Starting Place

The Redondo Union High School Alumni Directory 1905-2019 contains over 35,000 RUHS Alumni cross-referenced alphabetically by Name, chronologically by Class, and geographically by Location giving you three methods to find information on a particular Alumnus.

Did You Receive Two Copies?

The first copy printed did NOT include the Class of 2019 names. PCI (the Directory’s Publisher) chose to reprint and resend a new Directory, free of charge, which DOES include the Class of 2019 names. If you purchased a copy of the new Directory and you received another copy in the mail, you may keep both copies with PCI’s and the Alumni Association’s compliments.

To their credit, PCI chose to republish another complete book instead of supplying an addendum which would have certainly cost them less. In today’s corporate structure where the bottom line seems to be all that matters, this company took the high road. Thank you PCI for your integrity and excellent work!

Find Classmates On-line

The Alumni Directory represents one of the most significant and useful aspects of having an Alumni Association. As the natural progression to its sister publication, we are pleased to post the online version. Purposely less comprehensive to avoid unwanted contact, you’ll be able to find classmates, their general location and status. Find your class from the List of Classes and begin your search through the names to find your friend.

Please Keep Us Informed

If you have moved recently, if you haven’t updated your information with us in quite a while or if you know of someone who needs their information updated, please take the time to find the name, fill out and submit updated information. Sadly, we also necessarily would like to be informed when an alumnus passes away. We appreciate all your help with making this project a success! You may also use this Address Update Form to send in your update information.