RUHS Alumni Association

Here We Are at a Glance

  • Welcome to the launch of our Alumni Association Web Site! The RUHS Alumni Association is a way for all past students to re-connect with Classmates, arrange reunions and continue to facilitate that connection between past and future alumni.
  • Congratulation Class of 2019! The latest in a long line of well-educated, well-prepared, well-rounded, and well-deserving individuals about to conquer the world anew. Be sure to check back with your Alumni Association to stay connected with RUHS. It’s time now to get a Brick on the Alumni Walk. Click HERE to download an Alumni Brick order form.
  • This year’s 50-year Honored Alumni, the Class of 1969, are having their reunion over three days of activities. Be sure to RSVP to Terry Martinez, 50-year Grad Coordinator, if you will be able to attend the June 20th Commencement Day reception at the Alumni House. Click HERE to read the Class of 1969 Reunion entire schedule of events.
  • The Association has published the new Alumni Directory 1905-2019 edition. The first copy printed did NOT include the Class of 2019 names. PCI chose to reprint and resend a new Directory, free of charge, which DOES include the Class of 2019 names. If you purchased a copy of the new Directory and you received another copy in the mail, you may keep both copies with PCI’s and the Alumni Association’s compliments.
  • During the research phase of the latest Directory Project in early 2018, you may have been contacted to update your information. If you missed your opportunity or were not contacted, be sure to update your information so you’ll be sure to be in the next one. Letting the Association now how to contact you also helps the next time your Class organizes a reunion.
  • Choose your class year from the List of Classes, then find your name and update your information to us by following the instructions. You may also directly update your information using this FORM. This way you’ll be sure to stay informed of upcoming reunions and future directory publications.

Are You or Someone You Know Planning a Class Reunion?

Are you from classes of the decades: 1930s, ‘40s, ‘50s, or ’60s? Or are you from the Class of 1969, ’99, or ‘09? It’s time to start planning your next reunion. Next year will be the 50th for the Class of 1969 and the 25th for the Class of 1994. Read more ›

Reunion Committees: Class Funds Availability

The Alumni Association will hold-over funds from one class reunion to another and any interest earned is added to the principle. The service is free to any RUHS Class Reunion Committee. If the Association watches over your class’ Read more ›

Alumni Walk Re-opens After Extensive Repairs

Alumni inspect the Walk - 2005

Former classmates examine the Alumni Walk during RUHS’s 100th Celebration week, 2005. Alumni are always invited to arrange to look at the Walk whenever they stop in town.

The Alumni Walk is laid down on RUHS’s hallowed (and newly repaired) groundgiving students a daily look at past Alumni

It is hard to believe that the Alumni Walk was only a dream in 1995. In the summer of 1997 construction began on the project and lasted several months. Dedicated October 17, 1997, the Alumni Walk became an instant success. Hollywood has its Walk of Fame along Hollywood Blvd. and now Redondo High School has its own Walk of Fame on the Alumni Walk.

The Walk runs north from the Vincent Circle entrance to the Noble Plaza, the area selected leaves plenty of space for expansion and addition of many more engraved bricks. So what happened? What was wrong with the first laying of the Walk? Why was the Walk torn down and the bricks stacked on pallets? During the summer of 2004, the RUHS campus began undergoing an extensive construction project that is still going on today. Also during that time they started working under and around the Walk itself so the bricks were removed with the promise they would be laid back down exactly as before. Not so! Read more ›