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RUHS Alumni Association

Alumni Directory: Class of 1972

We encourage you to keep your data up-to-date. If you have moved recently, if you know or suspect we might have inaccurate information, or if you know of someone who needs their information updated, please take the time to submit that information to us.

Click on a name to open their record in a pop-up window. To update information or make other updates, select the update button in the pop-up window and complete the process. If we have their e-mail on file, you may try to contact that person through our e-mail proxy service.

Alumnus reported to us to be deceased are indicated in red italics. By no means do we claim this list to be definitive. Instead, we work hard to make it as complete as possible, with your HELP! Beginning with a list of graduates received from the school in 2002, we have collected thousands more names and updates and continue to collect even more. To ensure accuracy, we need your help in letting us know about our truly wonderful alumni!

  • We retrieved 530 Student names from the database for the Class of 1972.

Student list for the Class

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